What a year! Instead of packing our bags and getting ready to fly to Europe, here we are in semi-lockdown planning for next year’s Aachen. I can’t think of a better show to celebrate the return of top equestrian sport than Aachen, it is simply the world’s best run, most exciting, equestrian event, and the Aachener team will be as anxious to get back into action as we are to sit back and enjoy it.

Aachen 2021 will attract the best of the best as it will be the final selection event for the Olympic Games in state-of-the-art facilities. What a feast, the best of dressage and showjumping and now the CIC eventing has become another jewel in the Aachen crown with your choice of wandering over the beautiful cross country track, or sitting in the stand, with a couple of jumps in the arena, and all the action on the big screen. It will be a chance to see some of our Australian stars in action.

Our 2021 trip will still be Aachen +, why the plus, because we always like to add something special for our travellers. We promise we won’t be taking you to the regular ‘tourist’ stops. We will drop in on Germany’s Wolfram Witting and his wife Brigitte, both of them Grand Prix riders, while Wolfram trains some of the leading riders in the current dressage scene. While there, we will get a chance to see Wolfram work with the incredibly talented Kira Wulferding, one of the world’s most elegant and effective riders.

Next a visit to one of the modern masters of dressage, Hubertus Schmidt. Hubertus is still one of the world’s leading trainers but he has added another dimension to his farm, standing some of the world’s top stallions, including Escolar.

Oh yeah, along the way we are going to drop in on our pals at the Hanoverian Verband in Verden, staying at a boutique hotel run by Hans-Heinrich Brüning’s wife and daughter.

Hans-Heinrich is an old friend and one of the most successful breeders in Europe. He is the breeder of Zucchero who starred at last year’s World Young Horse champs, and currently Jessica Lynn Anderson, who rode the reserve champion Secret in the five year old class at the same show, is using the facilities at Hans-Heinrich’s farm. We’ll get a chance to see Hans-Heinrich’s amazing mare band, and watch Jessica train, and believe me, the hotel is really very special.

After Aachen we’ll hop across the border, and visit Dutch master, Johan Hamminga. Johan is not only a master trainer – he helps train the Dutch Young Horse team – but he is also an expert on conformation and how it relates to the way the horse goes. He is a fascinating speaker, and his partner, Jennifer Sekreve is another brilliant, tactful rider. Dressage artistry in action.

The icing on the cake? Our final stop to enjoy one of  The Netherland’s ‘hot spots’ the quintessentially Dutch Golden Age town of Haarlem. Windmills, canals, art galleries, the Market Square and fabulous shopping Haarlem is a mini Amsterdam without the hustle and bustle or the crowds.

Right through the trip we’ve got some great hotels lined up, all those extras that you’ve come to expect, like welcome and farewell dinners, the inside goss from the press room, with the super experienced team from Organisation Unlimited taking the hassle out of traveling. Places are limited, we don’t want a crowd, just pleasant people who like to enjoy their travel.”

Chris Hector

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